Welcome to my website “Images of Venice”.

 December 2020. The major news is that over the first week in December 2020, the site has been moved over to a new company called “Indigo Marmoset – WordPress Developer London”, who are in a better position to maintain and develop the website into the future.

It is a local company to me with a large and significant client base and I have found the communication and support to be excellent; preparing for and executing the move. Many thanks to Murray and Matt of Indigo Marmoset, for their expertise and patience.

The transfer involved changing to a new domain hosting company and unfortunately some difficulties were encountered, resulting in the site being down for 3-4 days – rather longer than expected. The sheer size of the site probably didn’t help with the transfer either.

The site is visually similar to the previous site, with some design and functional improvements.  However, beneath the surface the site features superior technology and self-administration capability. For such a large image and text dense site, care was taken to optimise the site, to ensure quick loading times for the best possible viewing experience over the various user platforms.


March 2021. I have started on a major new series of posts – ” Islands of the Lagoon”, that will cover the main islands of historical importance and those that are still inhabited. I hope these posts will give a greater insight into the history and culture of the Venetian lagoon and encourage travellers with more time or on repeat visits; to enjoy their delights. Many offer a quite different atmosphere and a sense of peace and tranquility; away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, especially in the high season. Together with my post “The Venetian Lagoon and its Ecosystem”, I hope you will gain a better understanding and appreciation of this great aquatic civilisation that developed – man against nature, permanence versus transience and a triumph of resourcefulness over adversity.


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