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December 2020. The major news is that over the first week in December 2020, the site has been moved over to a new company called “Indigo Marmoset – WordPress Developer London”, who are in a better position to maintain and develop the website into the future.

It is a local company to me with a large and significant client base and I have found the communication and support to be excellent; preparing for and executing the move. Many thanks to Murray and Matt of Indigo Marmoset, for their expertise and patience.

The site is visually similar to the previous site, with some design and functional improvements.  However, beneath the surface the site features superior technology and self-administration capability. For such a large image and text dense site, care was taken to optimise the site, to ensure quick loading times for the best possible viewing experience over the various user platforms.


WordPress Agency London by Indigo Marmoset


In response to the flood disaster of 1966, funding and assistance came from all across the globe; as that tragic event reminded us all of the need to preserve Venice, its art and architecture; for future generations to come.

Major funding was received from organisations below. Click on the links below, to learn more about them: 

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

The Private Committees for the Safeguarding of Venice (ACP)

Save Venice Inc.

Venice in Peril Fund

World Monuments Fund

Further to the above, there were many other more local initiatives, both official, general and for specific causes; that have been set up to help Venice and the Venetians.

It also really helps local Venetian artisans, businesses and shops, that were impacted then (and still are during extraordinary high water); by buying their products in person or online.



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