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Art Music Literature

“Antonio Vivaldi – Life and Legacy”
“Peggy Guggenheim – The Last Dogaressa”
“Peggy Guggenheim in Venice”
“Teatro La Fenice”
“Quotes about Venice”
Casanova-Life and Times

The Venetian School of Art

Acqua Alta & MOSE Barrier

“Acqua Alta & The MOSE Barrier”

Food and Drink

“Harry’s Bar in Venice”

Garden History

“The Gardens of Venice”

Getting Around- Basic Terminology

“Getting Around – Basic Terminology”

History and Architecture

“Canal Poles – Pali di Casada”
“Chimneys, Roof Terraces and Aerials”
“Doge’s Palace – Column Capitals”
“Mouths of the Lion”
“Rialto Fish Market” 
“Palazzo Dario – A Strange Curse”
“Pateras – Small Circular Reliefs”
“Rio Tera – Canals into Roads”
“Sacred Geometry”
Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari
“St Mark – The Shoemakers Patron”
“The Clock Tower in St Mark’s Square”
“St Mark’s Campanile”
“The Doge’s Palace”
“The Four Horses of St Marks”

“The Island of Santa Giorgio Maggiore”

Islands of the Lagoon

“Isola di San Michele”       “San Francesco del Deserto”

“The island of Torcello”     “San Lazzaro degli Armeni” 

“Isola di Poveglia”       “Lazzaretto Nuovo”       “Lazaretto Vecchio”

“Isola di Sant’Erasmo”    “Isola di Burano” 

“Isola di Murano”    “Le Vignole”


History of Venice

“History of Venice”

“History of Venice-Timeline”
“Mythical Beasts and their Symbolism”
“The Arsenal of Venice”
“The Castellani and Nicolotti”
“The Lion of St Mark
“The Language of Venice”
“Prostitutes and Courtesans”

“Marco Polo”

“Political Empire through Trade”

“The Island of Torcello”

My Favourite Churches

“St Mark’s Basilica”  
“Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari”
“Santa Maria della Salute”
“Santa Maria dei Miracoli”
“San Francesco della Vigna”
“Madonna dell’Orto”
“San Zaccaria”
“Santi Giovanni e Paolo”
“Santa Maria Formosa”
“San Pantalon”

Palace Architectural Styles

“Venetian Palace Architectural Styles: Byzantine – Venetian Gothic – Renaissance – Baroque – Neoclassical.”

Photographing Venice

“Why do I love Venice?”
“Photographing Venice – Developing a more personal vision”

Potions and Medicines

“Teriaca – The Divine Potion”
“The Golden Head – La Testa D’Oro”

The Doges of Venice

“The Doges of Venice”

“List of the Venetian Doges”

The Gondola-Past and Present

The Gondola – Past and Present”

The Grand Canal

“The Grand Canal of Venice”
“Bridges of the Grand Canal”

The Lagoon and Ecosystem

“The Venetian Lagoon and its Ecosystem” 

The Jewish Ghetto

“The Jewish Ghetto (il Ghetto) – Past and Present”

The Scuola System

“Scuole Grandi of Venice – Introduction”
“Scuola Grande dei Carmini”
“Scuola Grande della Carita”
“Scuola Grande della Misericordia”
“Scuola Grandi di San Giovanni Evangelista”
“Scuola Grande di San Marco”
“Scuola Grande di San Rocco”
“Scuola Grandi di San Teodoro”
“Scuola degli Schiavoni (Minor School)”

Venice Carnival

“History of the Venetian Mask”
“The Venice Carnival”
“Venice Carnival – Events 2020”

Venice District & Attractions

“Introduction – Districts and Attractions”
“Cannaregio – District and Attractions”
“Castello – District and Attractions”
“Dorsoduro – District and Attractions”
“San Croce – District and Attractions”
“San Marco – District and Attractions”
“San Polo – District and Attractions”

Venetian Glass – The Story

“Venetian Glass – The Story”

Venetian Wells-Drinking Water

“Venetian Wells – Drinking Water”

Why I love Venice

Why I love Venice”

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