Beautiful photography of Venice and highly informative posts, let you discover and experience this city in a uniquely different way.


“Images of Venice”

 Ian Coulling FRPS

“Images of Venice” lets you see and experience all the elements, colour, texture and detail that characterise this historic city, as well giving you a better understanding and appreciation of its history and rich cultural heritage.

Currently, 52 themed Galleries containing over 900 exhibition quality images, together with 113 highly informative and illustrated posts; combine to make this a unique non-commercial “go-to” resource, for lovers of Venice and fine photography.

Ian Coulling is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society (, awarded in 1985 for his contribution to the field of Pictorial Photography and is proud to be associated with the world’s most prestigious photographic society; founded in 1853 and granted a Royal Charter in 2004.

With an impassioned eye and creative sensitivity, Ian Coulling offers a personal vision of this unique place; revealing hidden and often transient details frequently overlooked by visitors and image makers. The Art of Photography is not only to document, but to offer both experience and sensation. To him, this unique historic city is the most beautiful and interesting place in the world. A jewel in the crown of Italy. One of unsurpassable beauty tinged with picturesque decay – giving a romantic ambience so loved by travellers, writers, poets and artists, over the centuries. ­ ­­Despite all its problems Venice is still is a living and vibrant city, coming to terms with and adapting to the 21st Century.

Beautiful photography of Venice and highly informative posts.

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May 26th 2021. I have now completed my major new series of 21 posts –” Islands of the Lagoon”, that covers islands of historical and cultural importance; other than those usually associated with the city of Venice itself. Together with my post “The Venetian Lagoon and its Ecosystem”, I hope they will give you a good introduction and understanding of the history, culture and ecology of this fascinating area.

July 3rd  2021. Just posted 3 more blog posts: “The Great Venetian Flood of 1966”      “Useful Apps for Venice”     “Scala Contarini del Bovolo”

August 18th 2021. Almost complete, is a new series of posts, under the category of “Festivals-Regattas-Events”.  So far: “The Regata Storica of Venice”        “The Vogalonga”     “The Festa della Sensa”     “The Festa del Redentore”     “The Venice Art Biennale”     “The Venice Architecture Biennale”                             “The Venice Dance Biennale”     “The Venice Music Biennale”    “The Venice Film Festival”     “The Venice Theatre Biennale”

Venice Street Scene
Street Scene Photography of Venice


Venice Reflections
Reflections photography of Venice


Venice Walls
Wall photography of Venice


Venice Doors
Old Door photography of Venice


Venice Canals
Canals Photography of Venice


Venice Distressed
Distressed with Time photography of Venice


Venice Statues
Stonework & Statuary photography of Venice


Venice Graffiti
Graffiti photography of Venice


stone – water – colour – texture
simplicity – purity – harmony – balance
changing place – changing time – changing thoughts – changing future
The Great Venetian Flood of 1966

The Great Venetian Flood of 1966

The Great Venetian Flood of 1966 was an unprecedented “acqua alta”, with waters peaking at 194 cm; making it the worst flood in its history. The post includes an illustrated diary, drawn from local reports and notes; of those few eventful days in early November 1966. ...

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The Venetian School of Art

The Venetian School of Art

The Venetian School of Art, refers to the distinctive style of art that developed in Renaissance Venice, during the 15th and 16th centuries. A celebratory lust for life, a thriving commercial port linking the East to the West and the influence of High Renaissance...

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Antonio Vivaldi – Life and Legacy

Antonio Vivaldi – Life and Legacy

Antonio Vivaldi - Life and Legacy.  Vivaldi was an Italian baroque composer, virtuoso violinist, teacher and Catholic priest.   Born Antonio Lucio Vivaldi in Venice on the 4th March 1678, he is recognised as one of the greatest baroque composers and his influence...

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History of Venetian Glass

History of Venetian Glass

History of Venetian Glass. "Vetro Veneziano", has been made for over 1,500 years and since the 13th C, production has been concentrated on the island of Murano.  It has a long history of innovations in glass making being Europe’s first major glass making centre; but...

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